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5 Tips On How To Decorate With Faux Flowers

Hi there all. I'm excited to share with you today some tips in using faux flowers to decorate. For me flowers mean Spring which I'm so looking forward to. Spring means summer is near! 
I love plants and flowers but flowers die and unfortunately I don't have a green thumb so often my plants die as well. This is where my faux plants and flowers come in.
Years ago faux flowers and plants looked fake. I hate anything fake so I didn't use them in my decor.
Today more and more plants and flowers are looking so real that I honestly couldn't tell the difference. Unfortunately there are also many that still look fake, that's why knowing where to shop is a time saver.
One shop that sells realistic looking flowers and plants is Ikea. Good old Ikea, where would we be without them! They are also priced very reasonably. 
I've seen some lovely faux plants in many shops but they've been too expensive for my budget. Now even our $2 shops are stocking some, not all, but some very real looking flowers. KMart is also producing faux plants that look quite real.

The photo below is showcasing two faux plants and flowers.
The plant on the wicker chair is from KMart and the flowers are from a $2 shop. Do you think they look real?


The pot plant is called string of beads but I'm not too sure what the name of the flowers are.

These  faux plants are in a $1 wooden box from Salvos that I attached some hessian (burlap) to and used on the top of my vintage wicker baskets from my local thrift store.
I don't have to worry about the usual things with real plants such as enough light and water and I love that!

I also used the faux succulents in another post recently

This faux plant and base is also from KMart. It sits happily on my dining table.  My dining area faces west so gets a lot of hot afternoon Queensland sun which is hard on plants. Not with this plant!

This cute little plant with flowers was from my local thrift store. You can see my beach style entry and prices for my thrift store finds here.

The small blue box that you see peaking out was a $1.50 find from the Salvation Army which I distressed. It's a handy box to have at the entry to keep keys and change or whatever you wish.

This is where my desk sits with it's gold decor.  I simply spray painted a recycled tin and added some faux silk flowers

With the gold framed mirror and 2 gold frames it adds a nice touch and took literally minutes to put together

Here is the entry to my home again. You may have seen it in an earlier post that I mentioned before

My 5 tips for finding great faux plants is :
1.  Know where to shop for reasonably cheap plants.
2. Learn to discern at a glance what looks cheap and what doesn't.
3. Faux plants don't need watering (yeh!) but they need to be washed from time to time. Nothing looks worse than dusty looking plants. I wash mine in warm water with just a small bit of dishwashing liquid whenever they need it.
4. You can mix real plants with faux plants if you can't find what you need for your display, at a reasonable cost.
5. Make your own plants! There are many great tutorials on Youtube and Pinterest to learn how to make realistic looking plants. I particularly love the cotton stems. They are next on my to do list.

I hope these 5 tips have given you some ideas on using faux plants and flowers. In the northern hemisphere autumn is approaching which is a great time to use them. Then again anytime is good for decorating with plants, I call them living art!

Till next time take care
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