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DIY beach decor

Beach decor mail and key holder

Mail and key holder (before)

Well I'm finally back after a busy christmas with my friends and family. It was extra special this year, my daughter and 2 grandchildren who live in Rome came to Australia for Christmas. Lots of food, sun and laughter! I'm missing them a lot and planning their next visit! Despite another daughter (I have 4) and myself both being in hospital we weren't going to let it get us down. She was found to have two brain aneurysms and just had the second operation. If she hadn't slipped on the bathroom tiles and banged her head she may not be here with us today. They gave her a CAT scan to be on the safe side and that's how they found them. After the first operation they said she was a very lucky girl because it was ready to burst. Frightening but it was another lesson in life to remind me to always tell those close to you that you love them. Please never take each other for granted. I feel grateful for so many things especially my 4 amazing daughters and precious grandchildren.

  Now I can breathe again! I know all mothers will relate to this, when our children are suffering so are we! I ended up in hospital because I have a hiatus hernia and an ulcer which bled. I did not want to go to but I have very bossy children and they say they have a very stubborn mother! I thought about others who may be in a similar situation, ill in hospital away from loved ones. The positive is  our problems could be fixed for which we are both very grateful but so many others can't because their illness is terminal. I thought of mothers and fathers who had to watch their child die and my heart goes out to them.

 We're all well now and enjoying our beautiful Queensland summer and feeling very grateful to be alive.  It's been a hot one, perfect for the beach and water sports, but not so great for those working outside.

Anyway while I was second hand shopping (again) I found a few little treasures that I knew would make perfect DIY beachy decorations. One was a 70s style letter and key holder and the other was a keepsake box with the cutest little sailboat on the front. Rust and all! Loving the beach and DIY I grabbed them both.

I started with the letter holder and painted it a beautiful shade of blue (of course). The beach is where I feel peace so looking at blue/green colours calms me. It's my favourite colour and this is a pale teal with white panels.I used chalk paint,

Dark blue beachy mail and key holder

a mixture of white and blue and gave it a distressed finish. I couldn't decide between a deeper or lighter blue, so I'm going to show you both. I would love to know which colour you preferred. I'm leaning towards the lighter.

This is the lighter blue, it still has some of the dark blue showing through to give it more depth.

Light blue beach mail and key holder 

Ok what do you think? Let me know in the comments section, I would really love some feedback.

Next I painted/distressed the beach keepsake box in the same dark blue. I have some of my shells in it but you could use it for anything you like. I was going to say love letters but that's really showing my age! Does anyone still write these or is it all electronic? Kind of sad, it's just not the same is it? Or am I alone in saying this?

Dark blue beachy keepsake box

I know many love old rusty pieces, in fact the rustier the better! I'm not sure if I'm one of them. I do love the little sailboat on the front, it adds some character and some beachiness! Thoughts?

Again I painted this in the lighter blue and the rusty bits a white wash.

Light blue beachy keepsake box

I have in my stash some more wooden decor items to show you next time. One of my favourites is a timber 3 tier candle holder, very 70's style. Please give me your feedback in the comments section, I would love to hear from you. Have a wonderful weekend and keep safe

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  1. Oh I love your work Lindy and glad I popped over for a visit following your comment on my blog. Please join us at #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty and I also co host the #OvertheMoon Link Party which you are welcome to join. I look forward to getting to know you.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond


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