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Easy Vintage Thrift Store Upcycles

Last week I made a deal with myself I wouldn't go to the thrift store until I had finished a couple of other DIYs I had planned. Does anyone else do that? I was being very good until my friend Martha rang and asked me to go with her. Such a bad influence! I said no at first but by the end of the conversation, it changed to yes, but I was only going to buy some books. Famous last words! I started off well, but it didn't take long before I spotted some great timber pieces to upcycle. I was arguing with  myself that they were a real bargain and they would look great after a redo!  So again... I gave in. I know, I know! I also said I would spend my time finishing these projects before I started on anything else! We'll see how it goes.

The great thing about these projects is that they take very little time to do. So for me that's a win! If you are unable to spend any money but would love to update your decor, vintage thrift store finds are the way to go and you can decorate them in your own taste.   

Firstly this timber framed vintage pears print. I've always loved these and I loved the timber frame but I wanted a lighter fresher look. I knew I could give it a new lease of life so into my stash it went.

Wood framed Pears print (before)

Here is the "after". I decided to give it a more distressed look. I did this with dry brushing. I start with a dry brush and only a tiny bit of paint on the end of the brush. If you feel there is too much paint just wipe the brush on a paper towel until you have the desired amount. 


I gave it two coats but even so it was a quick makeover.

The next vintage item is a jewellery box. It was a bit bland but I knew I could jazz it up with some paint and paper

I decided to paint it a soft pink colour with a distressed finish. Again I used my homemade chalk paint which is simply acrylic paint, or latex in the USA, and Plaster of Paris mixed together. I mixed about 2 tablespoons of POP into a small amount of water and added this to half a cup of paint. Stir well. Chalk paint is rather expensive and I didn't want to spend money on my vintage thrift store finds plus it is so easy to use

Next to give it some extra character I painted a stencil on the lid.

I had some wrapping paper I'd already used so decided to line inside the top and the drawer on the bottom. I used mod podge, again homemade, to glue it in place. The last step was to spray inside and out with a sealer and I was finished.

If you would like to make your own Mod Podge it's simply mixing a cup of craft glue with a cup of water and storing it in a recycled glass jar.  



Well I hope you liked my easy vintage upcycled pieces and I hope they have inspired you to find some at your local thrift store or second hand store, the flea markets, garage sales. This is where you will find the best bargains. With just a little time and effort you can transform your finds into something you love, in your own unique style. I'd love to see some of your projects, so please share them with us.   Next week I have some more great finds to show you so I hope to see you here.

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