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How I Decorated My Entryway With hardly any Money

I have spoken to a number of people lately that are struggling to pay their bills let alone having extra money to decorate their homes. I can empathise with them because I have been in the same boat myself. I know the frustration of seeing furniture and decor that you would love to buy but know that there is not a hope in hell!

I am here to show you that you can have a home you love with a little bit of creativity. Firstly second hand stores or thrift stores are a girl's best friend! You can purchase furniture, decor accessories and more if you can visualise what an item can look like with a bit of elbow grease, paint, or other diy ideas. To give you an idea of what I'm talking about I am going to give you a rundown on how I decorated my entryway with hardly any money

I'll start off with my entry console. I purchased this at a second hand shop (thrift store) near me for $25. It was just the right length and width. It had white mosaic tiling on the top which I thought I would remove but once I got it home and started to decorate it I decided I liked them. So for now they are staying. The next on the list is my wall art. I think art is a way of expressing what you love. For me it is the water, ocean, rivers, and lakes. Anything associated with the ocean such as boats as you will see!

The colours I love to use are teal blues. If you'd like to see my colour palette I've used these in one of my earlier posts. Check it out here

I also love to collect shells and driftwood from the beach and display them. Cost? Nothing. I have two wonderful grandchildren that live in Rome, Italy and I only see them every 2 years. They are also water babies. Shells that we collect together I love to display and they bring back many happy memories. I'll be doing a post on this in the near future.

I have given you the prices of the decor I used for my entryway below so that you can see it is possible to decorate with hardly any money.


The blue keepsake box above I've decorated is in an earlier post. You can find how I did this here

I wasn't able to get the console in the photo so here's another one showing more of it. Sorry about the light, it's been pouring rain here in sunny Queensland!

For around $45 I was able to decorate my entryway. What do you think? Are you inspired to do a little hunting? If you are on a seriously strict budget like me and have hardly any money to decorate with and you like what I've done, give it a go! It's a great feeling to accomplish this and so much fun searching for the right pieces. Let me know in the comments if you have any projects to share, I would love to hear them. Take care

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