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Last minute Valentines Day heart centrepiece

Hi friends, it has been hot here in sunny Queensland and I'm sick with the flu. I had planned this post for last week but my computer wasn't working so this week it is. Only I could get the flu in summer! No actually a few people namely my daughter and grand daughter kindly shared it with me. My daughter ended up in hospital with pneumonia even though her chest sounded clear, they took an X Ray and found she had severe pneumonia. She knew something wasn't quite right, being a nurse, so always listen to your body because doctors are not infallible. 

Anyway enough of sickness, today I'm sharing my last Valentines day DIY. The good thing about this is it can be used for any romantic dinner so even though Valentines Day will be over in a few days, romantic dinners are not.

valentines day, centrepiece

Here are the supplies I used"
1. Wire coathanger
2. Ribbon
3. Felt for white flower
4. Red flowers
5. Glue
6. Scissors
7. Container
8. Florist foam
9. Pearls
10. Material to cover foam

I started with a wire coat hanger which I bent into a heart. I had the red ribbon from a gift I received on Christmas day and used it to wrap around the wire heart. The small flowers were from a bunch that I snipped into individual flowers. I glued them on and started to make the felt flower which is easier than it looks. I'll be doing a post on felt flowers in the near future or maybe paper flowers. Anyway I cut out a template then cut out the petals from this.

Wire heart

Felt petal

Arranging petals

After I cut out all the petals I arranged them and glued them into position and let them dry. When the felt flower was fully dry I glued it onto the wire heart.

In this picture above I'm wrapping ribbon around the wire that I will put into the florist's foam.

I was looking for something to cover the foam with and pulled out 
an old tea shirt and covered it with that. 

After I'd arranged the material to my liking I simply stuck the wire into the covered foam and finished off with a large string of pearls.

So there it is, my Valentines Day Centrepiece. Or a romantic dinner for two centrepiece!  If anyone is looking for a last minute diy for a special person, give this a try. Whatever you do have a wonderful day and enjoy it with that special person. 

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