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                      Decor ideas for small balconies

Hi there again, I was taking a walk yesterday and checking out the many different balconies and how they have been decorated, some good and a few really dismal looking ones, there are a lot of them anyway, and my mind starting coming up with different ideas. Many people  are downsizing because they lead busy lives and don't want to spend their leisure time maintaining their home.Here on the Gold Coast many live in units that are central to everything, beaches, cafes and restaurants, and sporting facilities. Unit balconies come in different sizes from tiny upwards and sometimes it is a challenge to decorate these small spaces, so decided to share a few designs and decor styles with you.
Let me know which ones appeal to you, till next time

bright and cheerful
recycling at its best!

Crisp and fresh lime green and white

Dinner for 3

Classy black and white

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