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DIY Block Printed Burlap Table Runner

Hi everyone, today I wanted to show you how I made a simple and affordable table runner using a large handmade stamp. I've always been interested in silk screening but simply do not have the space so I came up with this idea. I find it rather tedious printing with one stamp at a time (yes I'm impatient!).

This is what my homemade stamps look like:

 The materials I used are:     Stick on foam style leaves from the 
                                              children's art and craft section                                                             of K Mart
                                              An old piece of timber that was lying                                                  around
                                               Acrylic Craft Paint
                                               Small foam paint roller
                                               Burlap table runner from $2 store

Firstly I got the paint ready then with my small foam roller applied it to the board of stamps.
I very carefully placed the board onto the burlap and pressed. With the board still in place I then "stamped" my hand down on the back of the board to make sure the pattern was applied evenly and dark enough. 

After  I was sure the paint had dried I simply stuck a strip of fabric the same colour blue as the paint onto the ends.

This was my very first time using the stamp so I was pleased that it turned out ok. I say ok because some of the leaves weren't quite as dark as the rest but I always say mistakes are there to teach us, to improve.  I now have a new table runner that cost very little and the satisfaction that comes with making it myself is a big plus   

If you love DIY I  hope this has inspired you to give it a go, it only took a short time to stamp the material and making the block printer was merely taking off the sticky paper on the back of the leaves and sticking them to the piece of timber

I'd love to hear what your thoughts are, so please stop and say hello. Until next time  

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